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Whenever you are buying or selling foreign currency you need to know that your money is in safe hands and that you are receiving the best currency exchange rates available and an outstanding service.

Whatever your reason for requiring foreign exchange for instance, buying or selling abroad, emigrating, transferring regular payments overseas, importing and exporting goods, using a specialist currency exchange company will save YOU money.

Holidays and Homes have selected one of the best foreign exchange providers who provide highly focused brokerage with dedicated team members specialising solely in the foreign exchange markets, ensuring the best foreign exchange price and service for you.

If you are transferring money to or from another country ...

*  to pay occasional bills
*  to make regular transfers for a mortgage, or from your pension
*  to buy a house
*  if you are selling your house and want to fix the exchange rate today for transferring the proceeds at some future date
*  etc. etc.

...then this specialist service is just for you and will save you money!

Click HERE for a summary of the services available to you including Spot Contracts, Forward Contracts, Option Date Forward Contract, Limit Order, Stop Loss Order.

Click on this banner to register your interest  ... – Best Rates of Foreign Exchange

By arranging a viewing for one of our properties
you are entitled to a free, no obligation,
€100 towards the cost of your trip. Currency Card

Please contact us at to arrange a viewing, stating Currency Card in the subject field, and our partners at will send you a personalised Prepaid MasterCard absolutely free of charge. As soon as you meet with us, it will be loaded with €100 for you to spend however you choose; in bars, restaurants, shops or you can even withdraw it at a cash point.

There are no strings attached to this €100 offer provided you are a genuine potential property buyer, you simply need to register for a free, no obligation, trading account with The card may take a few days to arrive with you, so please get in touch as early as possible to arrange your viewing. are one of the largest independent currency exchange brokerages in the UK and are FCA authorised, giving you the peace of mind that your money is in safe hands. They have received awards for their exchange rates and customer service, and can beat the bank rates by up to 4%. That’s a potential saving of £4,000 for every £100,000 transferred!

For further information, or to request your free €100 Currency Card, please email and we will arrange for to get in touch with you.

* This offer is subject to status and may be revoked by at any time.







Types of Contracts

Spot Contract

The Spot Contract is the most basic and popular foreign exchange product. It is an agreement to buy or sell one currency in exchange for another. You have 2 days to settle the contract, at a price based on the prevailing "spot exchange rate" the current value of one currency compared to another.
Although the spot market lets you buy or sell currency as you need it, spot exchange rate movements are highly unpredictable, even during a single trading day. Upon receipt of cleared funds currency is available for onward transmission.

Forward Contract

Forward Contract is perfect if you want to budget and protect yourself from market volatility. Unlike spot contracts, a forward contract eliminates the risk of fluctuating exchange rates by locking in a price today for a transaction that will take place in the future (up to a maximum of 1 year). You would need to put down a deposit of 10% of the GBP or EUR value depending on which currency you have. You can complete on the contract early at no extra cost should you have the funds available before the end date of the contract.

Limit Order

A Limit Order is an order to secure currency at a specific price that may not be currently available. This type of contract is particularly useful when the markets are moving in a positive direction for you. This is one of the two most common types of orders, the other being a Stop Loss Order.

Stop Loss Order

A Stop Loss Order is used when the market is moving in a negative direction for your currency. An order is placed on file with your broker to help ease the stress of adverse market movements.
A stop loss order instructs your broker to buy when the currency hits a certain point. The purpose of the stop loss is obvious – you want to prevent any further movement before the currency falls any further.


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SPAIN: 902 888 061

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